This website is the official website of the Astral Meta network. It is the portal for websites designed by AL2Meta (AL Yap). It also serves as the main portal for all of its networked sites and as a project bulletin and blog site. It focuses on computers, computer-related stuff, and technology.

The Symbol

The symbol of Astral Meta was derived from the symbol of Metatron. The Metatron cube represents the network. The inner circle of the Metatron cube portrays a void that serves as the portal. The Tetrahedron Star within the cube represents the balance existing within the system while the adjoining circles represents the sites connected to the system. The White circle represents purity, opposite is the the Black circle, which represents taint. In this sense, black and white balance each other, where one could derive the meaning that the system neither has sites that produce too good to be true nor fake or deceiving information. The Red circle represents hot, while the opposing is the Blue, which means cold. The two balances out creating a system that's neither too hot nor too cold. By this, Astral Meta avoids engaging in sensitive issues and having a political stand point. The Green circle represents learning, while the opposing color Yellow, represents intellect. Both do not mean they oppose each other but rather are supporting each other, from which we can derive the meaning that in learning comes intellect and from intellect comes learning.

Date of Creation: January 20, 2013 - 11:37 PM

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