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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Super Mario Bros X: Super Mario Quest
This may be too late to announce this but I'll announce it anyway. As promised in a post on my blog, the blog site for an indie game I was developing will be announced here on Astral Meta's Blog. The blog was actually launched last month, which make me a month late on posting this announcement, but as the saying, it's better late than never. The blog address is It is on this blog where I would be announcing the updates for the SMBX game I am currently working on. The blog design may be simplistic and a lil buggy since it was made from an old xml framework that I made back when I was still a novice. The framework was actually from the Ursa Gamma blog site Nursing Gazette. I was on a rush when I recreated it for the Super Mario Bros X so I didn't really spent much time on it. In the future, however, I may create a better design base on this same skeleton. Anyway, as long as it serves its purpose in bringing updates for Super Mario Quest, it's good for now.

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