Xion Redesigned

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Xion is Astral Meta's tech blog that uses the Wordpress theme "Pixel" by famfamfam or by UK based web developer Mark James to be specific. While I acknowledge that the developer did an excellent job with his design, I find something lacking when you scroll the page down. The design is superb on the top but when it goes midway, most especially in a long post, there is a void that makes the white texts appear difficult to read. Now, I've noted that the Pixel theme uses a background graphic to act as a wall and serve as the design, but most of the containers are somewhat invisible. This background graphic reliance is the problem because without the background image, the Pixel theme would be nothing but a void with white texts.

The background image itself is light amounting only to a few KB (kilobytes) in size, which is good because this does not take longer to load, but the problem is that it could not cover the entire page. The solution I did was simply to enhance the background image so that when meet with a long post, the design could extend to fill the void midway. This unfortunately, resulted in a heavier background image that amounts to more than 100 KB. However, I thought that most internet speeds nowadays are fast enough to handle heavy pages and in contrast the strain with the loading time could be barely felt. So I sacrificed the loading speed for the quality. After all, a page that's hard to read would be the more reason for readers to go away. Until I have more time to modify the design, the current modification should serve for the time being.

You can read Astral Meta's tech blog here.

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